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RainDance Technologies Announces Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against 10X Genomics

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RainDance Technologies, Inc. has filed a patent infringement suit against 10X Genomics, Inc. (“10X”) of Pleasanton, California. The suit was filed in Federal District Court in Delaware. The patents asserted are U.S. patent numbers 7129091, 822148, 8273573, 8304193, 8329407, and 889083, which are all exclusively licensed to RainDance from the University of Chicago. 10X has recently begun to offer for sale a system that infringes RainDance’s patent rights, and RainDance filed this suit to vigorously defend its intellectual property and current and future products.

Complex Genetics Made Simple

RainDance Technologies offers a full product portfolio to research cell-free and cell-based biomarkers for hereditary risk predisposition, initial detection, pathology, and residual disease. The company’s research-use products include:

  • RainDrop® Digital PCR System: Ultra-sensitive digital PCR system for research of early detection and monitoring of cell-free and cell-based biomarkers for cancers, viruses, pathogens, and immune disorders.
  • ThunderBolts™ Cancer Panels: ‘Democratized’ targeted Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) panels enabling highly sensitive, rapid, low input, tumor profiling research in plasma, tissue and FFPE samples.
  • ThunderStorm® NGS Content Enrichment System: Industrial-scale workhorse for highly accurate, fully automated targeted NGS enrichment.