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RainDance Technologies Extends Global Commercial Reach

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RainDance Technologies, Inc. has announced agreements with BioTech-Europe, Diatech Pharmacogenetics srl, Labgene Scientific, and Neo-Science & Group, enabling these companies to distribute RainDance products in Central and Eastern Europe, Italy, Switzerland, the Kingdom of Bahrain, State of Kuwait, Sultanate of Oman, State of Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and State of the United Arab Emirates.

These agreements are the latest components of RainDance’s channel and expansion strategy to meet the growing demand for liquid biopsy applications outside the United States.

“New, non-invasive liquid biopsy research applications will fundamentally improve the way scientists examine biomarkers in cancer and other complex inherited disorders or infectious diseases,” said Oliva Alberti, CEO, Diatech Pharmacogenetics srl. “Because of its ability to perform true single molecule PCR in droplets, RainDance is capable of delivering the required sensitivity, precision and accuracy needed to examine cell-free circulating DNA that is often fragmented and only available in low quantities.”

“RainDance features a compelling portfolio of ultra-sensitive genetic analysis products based on the core digital droplet technology platform,” stated Gilles Erba, Technical Director at Labgene Scientific SA. “RainDance’s products fit perfectly within our comprehensive molecular biology product portfolio, and will unlock a number of new business opportunities and research applications across Switzerland.”

Complex Genetics Made Simple

RainDance Technologies offers an innovative product portfolio to research cell-free and cell-based biomarkers for hereditary risk predisposition, pathology and progression, and residual disease monitoring. The company’s research use only products include:

• RainDrop® Digital PCR System: Ultra-sensitive digital PCR system for research of early detection and monitoring of cell-free and cell-based biomarkers for cancers, viruses, pathogens, and immune disorders.
• ThunderBolts™ NGS Enrichment System: New ‘Democratized’ targeted NGS system enabling highly sensitive, rapid, low input, profiling of solid tumors and hematological cancer research in plasma, tissue and FFPE samples.
• ThunderStorm® NGS Enrichment System: Industrial-scale workhorse for highly accurate, fully-automated targeted NGS enrichment.

“The teams at BioTech-Europe, Labgene, Diatech, and Neo Science bring decades of industry experience and represent what we look for in a distributor,” said Sandy McBean, Director of European Sales at RainDance Technologies. “We are starting to see acceleration in the adoption of our products across Europe and the Middle East as more researchers look to pursue non-invasive liquid biopsy research for more accurate, reliable, cost-effective, and early detection of cancer and other complex diseases.”

Over the past two years RainDance has strengthened its European commercial staff with the addition of Sandy McBean, field sales representatives, applications support and service staff, as well as a similar distribution agreement with BIOKÉ, a Cell Signaling Technology Europe (CST Europe) company for The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.