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Rubicon Genomics Enters into Collaboration Agreement with OncoMethylome Sciences

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Rubicon Genomics, Inc. has announced a Collaboration Agreement with OncoMethylome Sciences for the identification of biomarkers for early detection of cancer.

Rubicon plans to use its MethylPlex™ platform to carry out the marker identification analysis. As part of the agreement, Rubicon granted an option to OncoMethylome for licensing markers resulting from the collaboration. This is the second such marker identification agreement between the two companies, and OncoMethylome Sciences has already licensed a set of markers from Rubicon.

Cancer cells alter the normal patterns of DNA methylation giving the tumor the ability to grow and spread. The patterns of abnormal methylation in DNA are strong predictors of the presence of cancer as well as other diseases. MethylPlex™ is a method for identifying multi-gene patterns of abnormal DNA methylation during tumor formation and progression.

"We believe that detection of methylated DNA biomarkers is the most sensitive and specific method for early detection and characterization of cancer," said Fred Beyerlein, President and CEO of Rubicon Genomics. "We are looking forward to again be working with OncoMethylome Sciences, a recognized leader in the field of methylation."