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Samchully and TechniKrom Expands cGMP Oligonucleotide Manufacturing Systems

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Samchully Pharm. Co., Ltd. and TechniKrom, Inc. announced that they have entered into an exclusive supply agreement on large scale oligonucleotide manufacturing systems.

Under terms of the agreement TechniKrom will offer its engineering, fabrication, and qualification services to supply 100-mmol scale cGMP oligosynthesis and HPLC equipment to Samchully.

“We are excited to select TechniKrom, well-known in the industry for supplying the highest quality HPLC systems and large scale oligosynthesizers; this will be a key component of our expansion project, targeting clients who are looking for mid-scale siRNA and aptamer supply; we believe it supports our continuing efforts to become a sole “integrated supplier” to drive down the costs of manufacturing for oligos, complementing our nucleoside monomer capability,” said Samchully Director of Business Development, Dr. Moon-Hee Kim.

TechniKrom has experienced significant growth in its oligonucleotide equipment business since 2004. “We are pleased to partner with an up and coming company like Samchully, who has proven-track record in nucleoside manufacturing and scale-up, to enable them to meet the growing demand for large scale oligonucleotide manufacturing,” said TechniKrom President, CEO and founder, Lou Bellafiore.