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Sloning BioTechnology Successfully Generated a Unique Type of Gene Mutant Library for Novozymes

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Sloning BioTechnology GmbH, the provider of enabling technologies for protein engineering applications, has successfully synthesised a unique gene mutant library (SlonoMax™ - Screen) for Novozymes A/S.

Sloning utilised its unique Slonomics™ gene synthesis technology to introduce several individual codons at specific positions of a gene sequence in a clearly defined ratio.

Novozymes will now use the library for screening applications to identify enzymes with significantly improved characteristics.

“We are very delighted by this collaboration with Novozymes. It gives Sloning the opportunity to demonstrate its capabilities in generating genetic diversity without limitations” stated Dr. Jan Van den Brulle, Head of R&D at Sloning.

Torben V. Borchert, Director of Protein Optimisation at Novozymes commented, “We are impressed by Sloning’s ability to precisely meet our sophisticated design specifications. We are very excited to learn how the use of such new types of designed libraries will influence our protein optimization processes”.