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Sorenson Genomics Quintuples Laboratory Capacity to Fulfill Rising Demand for DNA Testing Services

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Sorenson Genomics has announced that it is expanding its facilities to increase capacity five-fold in order to meet sharply increasing demand for the company’s testing services.

Sorenson Genomics is currently comprised of four primary operating divisions: GeneTree, a pioneer in on-line paternity testing services; IDENTIGENE, the first DNA testing company to be accredited for use of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for human genetic identity testing; Sorenson Forensics, which provides advanced forensic casework services to assist law enforcement and other government and industry clients in solving difficult forensic cases; and Sorenson Genomics, which provides a variety of DNA testing services to resellers in more than 70 countries throughout the world.

“We are currently experiencing a sharp increase in demand for all of our business units,” said Doug Fogg, chief operating officer for Sorenson Genomics. “To meet these increasing demands, we are in the process of significantly growing our workforce and are investing millions of dollars to improve the efficiency of our laboratory operations, including the expansion of our facilities.”

The Sorenson Genomics laboratory expansion will result in a five-fold increase in testing capacity, and a 25-percent increase in the company’s workforce, with a focus on scientists and laboratory technicians.