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SR Pharma Announces key Scientific Publications on Therapeutic RNAi

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SR Pharma plc subsidiary Atugen AG has announced the publication of two key scientific articles on RNAi-based therapeutics in the journal Gene Therapy.

Both articles cover the development and systemic application of Atugen’s siRNA-lipoplex (AtuPLEX) technology for enabling RNA interference in vivo.

In the first article, Atugen’s scientists uncovered the requirement of siRNA formulation to allow functional cellular uptake and delivery in vivo after intravenous administration. 

For this purpose Atugen’s proprietary stabilized siRNAs (AtuRNAi) formulated with Atugen’s cationic lipid (AtuFECT) and other components of the AtuPLEX were employed in proof of concept studies to demonstrate and establish target specific and RNAi-mediated knockdown for loss of function analysis in vivo.

Atugen verified the application of the AtuPLEX for inhibiting tumour growth and metastases using appropriate in vivo tumour models as shown in the second publication.

Iain Ross, Executive Chairman of SR Pharma, stated, "Functional delivery has finally been recognised as the key issue for future therapeutic applications of RNAi."

"We are very enthusiastic that Atugen’s scientists have successfully addressed and unravelled this scientific problem. The developed AtuPLEX has all required features to become a novel therapeutic modality for a wide range of human diseases."