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Study Validates Analysis of Copy Number Variation in Miniaturized Reaction Volumes

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Douglas Scientific® announced the presentation of a poster detailing analysis of pharmacologically important Copy Number Variation (CNV) in a miniaturized reaction volumes on the IntelliQube®. The poster was presented at the 2016 Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) Annual Scientific Meeting on January 23 in San Diego, CA. 

The poster presents data showing that the IntelliQube using the innovative Array Tape® consumable produces accurate and reproducible CNV results consistent with those generated using standard plate-based methods and instruments. The study also showed that when comparing IntelliQube with other plate-based PCR instruments, the miniaturization of reactions in Array Tape offers a 68% reduction in cost per data point with further cost savings possible through more efficient use of laboratory personnel. 

Dr. Luke Linz, co-author of the study commented, "Taken together, these results demonstrate that the IntelliQube produces accurate and reproducible CNV data in Array Tape. The IntelliQube offers laboratories a compelling new high throughput alternative to traditional PCR-based CNV techniques."

The poster can be accessed here