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TATAA Biocenter is Approved MicroRNA Profiling Service Provider by Toray

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TATAA Biocenter, Europe´s leading provider of genomic services, has been approved by Toray as provider of expression profiling services on their “3D Gene” microarray platform. “microRNAs are emerging as one of the most important Having offered microRNA profiling for more than 10 years we see need to standardize and better control microRNA profiling workflows for interlaboratory comparisons, which is also one of the goals of the European IMI project Cancer-ID” says Dr. Mikael Kubista, founder and CEO of TATAA Biocenter. “After gaining extensive experience of the various offerings on the market, we selected the Toray “3D Gene” platform for global microRNA profiling for its superior performance and robustness comprising the entire workflow from sample preparation, profiling, and data analysis”. “Being specialized microRNA profiling solution provider Toray recognizes the need to ascertain highest quality results, and as mean to achieve this goal Toray has introduced a microRNA profiling quality assurance program, offered to the premier microRNA profiling service providers globally. “We are proud to include TATAA Biocenter into the group of providers that meets our standards”, says Satoshi Kondo, “3D Gene” promotion manager in Europe of Toray industries, Inc.