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TriLink Awarded Phase I Grant for a Second Hot Start PCR Project

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TriLink BioTechnologies (TriLink) has been awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I grant of approximately $100,000.

In these Phase I studies, TriLink will investigate its second approach for Hot Start activation in PCR. This approach, which employs chemically-modified triphosphates to inhibit DNA polymerase activity until a thermal activation step, has already showed significant promise in the reduction of off-target amplification products in PCR.

Proposed experimentation includes optimization of the Hot Start effect and further investigation in its benchtop applications. This is the second Phase I grant TriLink has been awarded for development of technology in the Hot Start PCR sector.

“This award is our third in the last two years. It is indicative of the success of our ongoing conversion from solely a manufacturing facility to a fully integrated discovery firm with its own production capabilities. We are about to launch our first major novel PCR product (CleanAmp™) that resulted from one of the SBIR grants we received last year. We believe we will be able to launch a second product with significant implications for the PCR market by late 2008 as a result of this SBIR.” commented CEO Dr. Richard Hogrefe.