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Yasheng Group's R&D Drives Growth of Hybrid Seed Segment

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Yasheng Group, a high-growth diversified China-based agricultural company with US headquarters in California, reported several R&D achievements in the seed segment. Through its own genetic research and development efforts, including the cultivation of hybrid seed strains, processing, packaging, and storing, Yasheng does not rely on outside seed companies to control its ability to grow its main products and maintains a seed bank of all types of seeds. The current global seed market has been very active because of the shortage of quality seeds.

Yasheng develops corn, potato, transgenic soybean, transgenic cotton seeds, as well as many others. The R&D unit develops genetically modified seeds with higher yields and enhanced draught- and pest-resistance, for example; hybrid corn and potato seeds are producing 8% to 10% higher yields. The company's labs have also developed an improved soybean with oil content rising to 27% from 18%.

Yasheng's advanced hybrid cotton seed produces velvet that is 4.2 mm longer than others and blooms in color. The company's pollination techniques are done by hand as well as through "heirloom" natural pollination supplied by Yasheng's internal bee operations which produces award winning organic honey products.

All seed products are cultivated within Yasheng's "Agro Bases" and are processed and packaged for resale and long-term storage for use within the company's operations. Yasheng sells approximately 80% of its corn seeds to outside companies and keeps the residual 20% of corn seeds and all other seeds for its own seed bank and internal operations.

Yasheng Group grows sunflower, Black Melon, and flax seeds which are used in making oils, snack foods, or animal feeds. Several of Yasheng's "Agro Bases" are located in the Jiuquan, GanSu Province, one of the best places to grow seeds around the world, where the company does contract growing of seeds for domestic or foreign customers.

Chairman Zhou Changsheng said, "Yasheng was founded to become a self sufficient enterprise. We believe we are realizing this vision through our ongoing commitment to investing in R&D, responsible management of our natural resources, use of modern and organic agriculture techniques, international cooperation, and through the dedication and hard work of our people."