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Achieving Powerful, Sustainable and Cost-Effective Sequencing

Achieving Powerful, Sustainable and Cost-Effective Sequencing  content piece image

Traditionally, there has been a compromise between performance and sustainability. 

The NovaSeq X Plus system enables sequencing of >20,000 genomes per year and delivers data in half the time with a 2.5x improvement in throughput. Breakthrough advancement in chemistry, optics and software contribute to fast, highly accurate and cost-effective data.

Additionally, innovations in cartridge, packaging, reagent design and a reduced data footprint all contribute to improved sustainability. 

Download this poster to discover: 

  • A redesigned workflow that minimizes time and labor
  • Innovative solutions that enable sustainability
  • How a high level of data accuracy can be maintained during ambient shipment

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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