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Detection of 17 Targets in a Single PCR Tube by a Novel MeltPlex® Probe System Combining Melting Curves and Taqman Probes

Despite the developments in conventional PCR, the complexity of multiplex Real Time PCR is still limited due to the lack of sufficient detection channels. To achieve high-end multiplexing capacity on standard Real Time PCR machines, Anapa Biotech has developed the MeltPlex® technology (see box on right).

MeltPlex®utilizes a system of labelled Taqman-type probes allowing each to be read out by subsequent melting curve analysis. 5 or more probes can be analyzed per fluorophore channel. By utilizing melting curve readout of modified probes –one for each target -rather than the only amplicons, the system adds an extra level of specificity to melting curve analysis. Reaction and melting analysis is performed without the need to re-open PCR reaction tubes.

Detection reaction chemistry is similar to TaqMan and MeltPlex® probes can easily be designed using existing TaqMan target sequences