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Dymension 2D Gel Dymension 2D Gel Analysis Software

Dymension 2D Gel Dymension 2D Gel Analysis Software content piece image
Ibogaine, an indole alkaloid present in the root of plant
Tabernanthe iboga has been shown to have anti-addiction
properties against opiates1, 2, stimulants3 and alcohol4. Since the
anti-addiction effect lasts longer than the presence of ibogaine in
the body, metabolic changes are occurring in the brain which
could be studied using a 2D gel based proteomics approach. The
protein profiles could then be used to establish which proteins are
up or down-regulated and may lead to a better understanding of
the pharmacodynamics of anti-addiction therapies. However, to be
able to detect which proteins in a complex 2D gel image are being
expressed requires sophisticated software to resolve protein spot
images quickly and easily.