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Productivity Optimization for AAV Affinity Chromatography

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The utilization of recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) in gene therapy delivery remains highly effective to treat a range of diseases and conditions, evidenced by numerous ongoing clinical trials and recent regulatory approvals. 

The industry has adopted standardized methods for the production and purification of rAAV, streamlining processes for greater efficiency. However, high titers are crucial for meeting demand and cutting costs for therapies that require large doses or have wide patient bases. 

This poster presents process considerations in the optimization of two manufacturing case scenarios with different titers.

Download this poster to explore:

  • An affinity capture chromatography method in clinical and commercial manufacturing contexts
  • How to leverage dynamic binding capacity (DBC) data to estimate optimal productivity of rAAVs
  • Process conditions and column geometries to meet maximum processing times while maximizing resin utilization  
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