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Simultaneous Measurement of Genetics and Epigenetics Enables New Biological Insight

Biological insights into genetics

There is more to DNA than A, C, G and T, epigenetics plays a causal role in cell fate, aging and disease development. Genetic and methylation data together on the same read allow us to get a more complete picture of genome biology. Constrained to measuring four states of information, existing NGS- based technologies sacrifice genetic for methylation calling. 

Download this poster to learn more about 5-letter sequencing technology, duet multiomics +modC that:

  • Can derive all four genetic bases without ambiguity in C or T calls, plus modified C using your existing next-generation sequencer
  • Consists of a pre-sequencing workflow,  device-agnostic sequencing, and a post-sequencing bioinformatics pipeline that aligns epigenomic and genomic sequencing data for analysis, interrogation, and insight
  • Provides single-base resolution of genetics and epigenetics at high accuracy, with a low-input DNA sample
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