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3CR Bioscience, MolBreeding and HC Scientific Partner To Bring Genotyping Services to the European Market

Double helix structure of DNA.
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3CR Bioscience Ltd. are delighted to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with MolBreeding Biotech Ltd. and HC Scientific to establish a new, cutting-edge lab facility in Europe opening at the end of 2023. The facility will be based at 3CR Bioscience’s European facilities North of London and will offer a comprehensive range of genotyping services, including DNA extraction, endpoint PCR genotyping, and Genotyping by Target Sequencing (GBTS), to genomic researchers and plant and animal breeders from industry, academia, government, and non-government organisations to drive modern genomics and sustainable agriculture forward.


 The collaboration capitalises on the strengths of each partner and allows researchers and breeders access to this unique, high-calibre service partnership for the first time in Europe. 3CR Bioscience brings its patented PACE® genotyping chemistry alongside a team with decades of experience setting up and managing genotyping and extraction service labs. HC Scientific contributes a comprehensive range of low-volume, high-performance genotyping and extraction equipment, while MolBreeding brings its proprietary extraction chemistry and highly successful, Genotyping by Sequencing (GBS) service provision from Asia exclusively through this partnership. Together, the service partnership promises to deliver exceptional services of the highest quality at the most competitive rates available to European customers.

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Steve Asquith, Managing Director 3CR Bioscience

We are genuinely excited about the partnership and new venture of the three companies. By combining our patented PACE® genotyping chemistry and background in global lab services provision, leveraging HC Scientific’s extensive automation systems, and MolBreeding’s established Genotyping by Targeted Sequencing services, the collaboration is uniquely positioned to disrupt the cost of extraction and genotyping service provision across Europe while ensuring unparalleled data accuracy and customer service. The new partnership offers customers a new choice for a lab services provider with a fresh, well-grounded approach that aims to shake up the market.


Learn more about 3CR Bioscience at www.3crbioscience.com


Jianan Zhang, CEO MolBreeding Biotech

We are delighted to join forces with experienced partners to introduce our established proprietary GBTS (Genotyping by Target Sequencing) technology to Europe. MolBreeding is a pioneer in Asia, providing high-throughput services by standardising and elevating sample collection systems, library construction and QC automation. Our unique cloud data analysis platform allows for fast turnaround and interactive services, catering to academic and industry researchers in molecular breeding in plants and livestock. We are thrilled to expand our services into Europe with the support of 3CR Bioscience and HC Scientific.”


Learn more about MolBreeding Biotech at www.molbreeding.com


Han Zhang, CEO HC Scientific

This new partnership has opened the door for our purpose-built, high-throughput DNA extraction and genotyping platforms in Europe. Having the support of this 3CR Bioscience and MolBreeding partnership ensures our platforms are now accessible to the European market, providing customers more choice outside of the currently limited genotyping and extraction automation options available.”