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4.0 Release of Partek Flow Data Analysis Software

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Partek Incorporated has announced the newest release of their popular analysis software, Partek Flow 4.0. With new features including multi-factor mixed model ANOVA, Fisher’s exact test, and additional visualizations, Partek Flow is an ideal analysis solution for researchers performing next generation sequencing (NGS) based studies. Using any internet connected computer, tablet, or smartphone researchers are able to:

• avoid the alignment bottleneck by making use of optimal alignment strategies for each and every experiment using popular publicly available aligners independently or combined for multi-stage alignment.
• build, save, and share custom analysis pipelines so that analyses are repeatable and results are reproducible allowing analysis to keep pace with data generation.
• perform transcript mapping, differential expression analysis, and variant detection using current annotation databases and statistical algorithms.
• share results without transferring files by granting multi-user permissions and remote access capabilities.
• visualize and interpret results using hierarchical clustering, volcano plots, gene ontology enrichment, histograms, and box plots.
• speed up analysis by leveraging the power of multiple computers on their network through High Performance Computing (HPC).

“Partek Flow is truly a next-generation solution that leverages the latest technologies including mobile cloud computing and a context sensitive visual analysis environment for analysis of today’s high volume of sequencing data. Version 4.0 brings many more advanced analysis capabilities to an already great platform”, said Tom Downey, CEO of Partek.