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AAV-Mediated Gene Delivery

Adeno-associated virus
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AMSBIO is a provider of ready-to-use Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) that can be engineered to efficiently deliver specific DNA sequences into target cells with a low immunogenicity.

Drawing upon years of experience – AMSBIO have developed a robust AAV Production Service providing researchers with access to the highest quality recombinant AAV vectors that can efficiently transfect multiple cell types, including dividing and non-dividing cells. These AAV vectors induce persistent gene expression in vivo without integrating into the host genome or causing any disease. These features make AAV an exciting platform for gene delivery enabling treatment of a variety of human diseases including cancer. There are already preclinical and clinical successes in AAV-mediated gene replacement, gene silencing and gene editing.


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AMSBIO’s custom production service is set-up to help you design, clone and/or viral package your custom AAV construct. As part of their production service, AMSBIO offer a range of AAV serotypes (1-9, DJ) that differ in their tropism, or the types of cells they infect, allowing the company to preferentially transduce specific cell types.


Starting from customer provided target templates, a sequence from a cDNA collection, a custom synthesized DNA sequence or shRNA - AMSBIO construct the AAV clone and generate ready-to-use expression AAV. As part of the production service – AMSBIO sub-clone your selected genes into their AAV expression vectors and produce expression AAV for each gene.