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Affordable Access to Genetic Health Information

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Kailos Genetics, a personalized medicine information company offering leading-edge gene-based testing, today announced the launch of Praxis, an accessible and affordable gene-based test that any adult can directly order and pay for from the Web. Using a newly developed technology that harnesses DNA sequencing and enables a more holistic view of a person’s gene-based medical information, Praxis helps consumers, their families and their physicians make informed decisions about their health at a fraction of the cost and without a complex collection process.

The initial Praxis offering includes genetic testing to help people who are starting new medicines. Praxis will tell these individuals how their bodies metabolize certain drugs and provide information about their genes to help them collaborate with their physicians about the best treatment plan. The pharmacogenetic information provided by the Praxis test can help determine if certain medications may not work as intended, or at all. In some cases, this information can be lifesaving—depending on how certain people break down medications, the risk of serious health problems, and even death, increases.

“Healthcare should be about the individual, not about groups or populations. We believe that, to improve healthcare, everyone should have access to information about their own genes,” said Brian Pollock, president and CEO of Kailos Genetics. “By combining precise and affordable gene-based testing with the right education and guidance to support the results, we aim to equip each person and their physician with the tools they need to lead happier, healthier lives.”

The Praxis gene-based test is available to any consumer that wants to better understand how their genes may affect their health. Benefits of Praxis include the following:

Praxis is significantly more affordable than other tests available today. Pricing ranges between $149 and $299.

No needles, no blood and no saliva tubes are needed for the Praxis test. A simple cheek swab is all that is required to complete the Praxis test collection.

• Kailos does the legwork to obtain physicians’ signatures and can supply a physician to those customers without access to a provider.

• Test results are delivered in less than 10 days from receipt of a completed collection kit.

• Next generation sequencing technology reduces sample contamination to ensure a hassle-free experience.

• Test results are delivered to both the customer and their physician separately, with the consumer controlling access for other members of their care team.

• Private and government health insurances are not involved.

The Praxis test was developed using leading-edge and proprietary technology called TargetRich™, which targets specific variants and fragments of the genome. With this method of analyzing DNA, Praxis can precisely map out possible reactions to medication – both positive and negative – catering to the lifestyle and needs of each patient so that they can proactively and confidently manage their personal health.

“Health information is power,” said Troy Moore, chief scientific officer of Kailos Genetics. “The Praxis test gives people the ability to prepare for the future, empowering them and their care team to best manage their health.”

Future Praxis test offerings in development include additional pharmacogenetic selections, carrier screening for couples planning families and risk screening for diseases such as glaucoma, cancer and medical conditions like high cholesterol.