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Affymetrix Launches SNP Panels for Targeted Genotyping Applications

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Affymetrix Inc. has launched the industry's broadest-selection of standard and custom SNP panels for targeted genotyping applications.

The selection includes custom panels spanning 1,500 to 20,000 SNPs per assay, as well as seven standard SNP panels for whole-genome coding SNP analysis, disease-related studies and common animal research.

These SNP panels use the latest generation of multiplexed Molecular Inversion Probe (MIP) assay technology, giving scientists more SNP data per experiment.

The GeneChip® Application-Specific Fixed Assay panels include: Whole-genome: 20K cSNP, 10K cSNP, 3K MALD (Mapping by Admixture Linkage Disequilibrium), Disease-related candidate gene: 9K Immune-Inflammation Panel and Animal model: 10K Bovine, 5K Mouse, 5K Rat.

"We have used an Affymetrix custom SNP panel for a study on obesity," said Michael Olivier, associate professor of physiology at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

"The MIP assay technology is very easy-to-use and has enabled us to complete a 1,600-sample study in less than two months with very high call rates."

"Affymetrix is providing customers with the most multiplexed, highest information per dollar assays for genotyping selected SNPs," said Greg Yap, vice president of DNA Products at Affymetrix.

"When combined with our existing products such as the GeneChip Mapping 500K Set, our portfolio of products helps customers make better discoveries faster."

"Affymetrix is accelerating the development and commercialization of new products that are enabling researchers to conduct large-scale studies to find the genes involved in complex diseases."

Affymetrix claims that, in conjunction with the GeneChip Human Mapping 500K Array Set, researchers can either use the 20K cSNP Kit to look at 20,000 coding SNPs or design custom SNP panels to analyze regions of interest in greater detail.

These studies will yield many regions and SNPs worthy of further investigation. Researchers can also use custom panels of up to 20,000 SNPs to follow up on these experiments.

Affymetrix GeneChip Human Immune and Inflammation 9K SNP Kit designed for the researchers studying the genetics of immunobiology, which contains selected informative markers for 1,000 genes that are thought to be involved in the inflammation response.

This panel lets researchers study all of the emerging candidate genes or regions potentially involved in a given immunological condition, not just a few hundred or thousand SNPs.

Standard Affymetrix GeneChip SNP panels for various animal species are designed to enable researchers to perform unbiased gene mapping studies on different breeds or strains of cows, mice and rats.

These multiplexed panels are designed for use with the GeneChip Scanner 3000 Targeted Genotyping System.