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Agar Scientific Announces New Products from the SIMPore Range of Precision Membrane Accessories for Electron Microscopists

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Agar Scientific, has announced new products from the SIMPore range of precision membranes for electron microscopists.

Agar Scientific is a market leader in the supply of high quality accessories to assist with sample preparation for electron microscopy.

As applications become more challenging, the sample preparation process has to be rapid, accurate, consistent and reproducible.

SIMPore makes the world’s thinnest and most permeable nanoporous membranes which enable the saving of time, money and resources.

In contrast, with conventional membranes, UltraSM® membranes are the ideal sieve for biomolecules and other nanomaterials. Empowering nanotechnology, SiMPore brings sophistication and elegance to membrane science.

For example, TEMVu™ slides allow users to prepare TEMwindow grids for light and fluorescence microscopy prior to performing TEM.

Each slide has one TEMwindow grid supported on a 300 micron silicone gasket which is bonded to a No. 1 1/2 cover glass. The TEM grid will not float away when submerged with water or aqueous buffer, but can easily be removed afterward with standard tweezers.

Removable slide cap reduces evaporation during light microscopy imaging. The main applications are for fluorescent nanoparticle imaging and live cell imaging/staining prior to TEM study.

Other key new products include grids made from a variety of materials including silicon, silicon dioxide and silicon nitride. They come in a range of useful sizes.

The 5nm silicon and silicon nitride supports are the thinnest available significantly thinner than commercially available carbon grids. Each material provides significant benefits for resolution and robustness in use to meet differing user needs.