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Agilent Introduces OneSeq to Streamline Cytogenetic Research

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Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced OneSeq, the industry's first all-in-one target enrichment product for next-generation sequencing. OneSeq is designed to detect and analyze copy number variations, loss of heterozygosity, and mutations in a single reaction for use in constitutional disease research.

Agilent is showcasing the new product at the annual Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) conference in Marco Island, Florida, this week.

Powered by Agilent's industry-leading SureSelect target-enrichment platform, the new OneSeq constitutional research panel will help laboratories involved in cytogenetic research save time gathering and analyzing complex, multifactorial data.

"OneSeq enables researchers to study both disease-associated targets and copy number variants at the same time," said Alessandro Borsatti, a senior director of marketing at Agilent. "The all-in-one NGS assay-another industry first from the pioneers of target enrichment-provides more information than single molecular techniques, allowing scientists to streamline their workflow."

Borsatti noted that researchers can easily combine OneSeq with Agilent's free-of-charge SureCall software to integrate data analysis of copy number variations, single nucleotide polymorphisms, indels, and loss of heterozygosity.

"This combination offers the most cost-effective and streamlined method of studying multiple DNA changes associated with genetic disorders," Borsatti said. "Whole genome sequencing and its associated data analysis are far more laborious and costly."

In addition, Agilent's online design application, SureDesign, enables researchers to customize OneSeq by adding any gene panel of interest to the CNV backbone to suit their needs.