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Anachem Introduces KAPA2G Fast Hot Start DNA Polymerase

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Now available from Anachem, KAPA2G Fast Hot Start is a second-generation DNA polymerase that has been specifically engineered for speed and optimal performance with Hot Start technology.

Developed using Kapa Biosystems’ molecular evolution technology this enzyme can provide faster processivity than wild-type Taq polymerase. KAPA2G Fast Hot Start can also provide extension rates as low as one second per kilobase reducing total reaction time by 20 - 70%.

In the Hot Start formulation, the enzyme is combined with a proprietary antibody that inactivates the enzyme until the first denaturation step. This eliminates amplification products resulting from non-specific priming events during reaction setup and initiation, and increases overall reaction efficiency.

Any standard, end-point PCR assay performed with wild-type Taq polymerase (or a hot start formulation thereof) can be converted to a Fast PCR assay with KAPA2G Fast Hot Start. Amplicons generated with KAPA2G Fast Hot Start are suitable for routine downstream applications, including restriction enzyme digestion, cloning and sequencing.