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Applied Biosystems Delivers Integrated Solutions on new SOLiD™ 3 System

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Applied Biosystems, a division of Life Technologies Corporation, has announced that it is to begin shipment of a new genomic analysis platform, the SOLiD 3 System. The new system delivers a roadmap that will ultimately enable scientists to sequence a human genome for less than 10,000 US dollars in 2009, Applied Biosystems claims.

According to Company, this advanced genomics system expands the menu of applications into gene expression and epigenetic analysis, ultimately allowing customers to move one step closer to mainstream use of genomic data for clinical research and personalized medicine.

The SOLiD 3 System, which is distinguished by unparalleled throughput and unmatched accuracy, has generated 40 gigabases of data per sequencing run in Applied Biosystems’ research and development laboratories, with an accuracy of 99.94 % due to 2-base encoding algorithms.

The combination of these performance attributes further establishes Applied Biosystems’ next-generation sequencing approach as the technology platform of choice for a broad range of advanced genomics research. The SOLiD System is also achieving 100 base pair read lengths per sequencing run, enabling the platform to be used for metagenomic and de novo applications. Additionally, the system has demonstrated up to 100 million sequencing tags per run for RNA analysis applications.

“The launch of the SOLiD 3 System represents a revolutionary step in next-generation sequencing,” said Greg Lucier, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Life Technologies.  “The ability to sequence an entire genome at ever lower costs, and with greater efficiency, will enable fundamental changes in how we identify and treat disease.  Life Technologies is committed to remaining on the forefront of sequencing technology with the current generation, as well as future breakthroughs.”

The new SOLiD 3 System is utilizing the combined power of Life Technologies to enable a suite of integrated, application-focused workflow solutions. These workflows accelerate genomic discovery, characterization, and screening for large-scale genome mapping and disease studies.

In order to understand complex biological processes, researchers need a comprehensive suite of applications to conduct global analysis of cellular networks at all levels.

Applied Biosystems says that the SOLiD 3 System can improve research performance, throughput, quality and cost across a wide range of applications including epigenomic, transcriptome and genome analysis, driving standardization on a single platform. With the SOLiD 3 System, life science researchers will be able to conduct comprehensive investigations of gene variation, gene expression and gene regulation in tandem, in order to develop a more comprehensive, system-wide view of basic biological function.