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Arbor Biosciencesä Launches CRISPR-Based Mitochondrial DNA Depletion Kits

Arbor Biosciencesä Launches CRISPR-Based Mitochondrial DNA Depletion Kits content piece image
Credit: Arbor Biosciences
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Arbor Biosciencesä, a division of Chiral Technologies and
leader in developing molecular biology research tools, today announced the launch of myNGSä
Guides MitoDepleteä Kits as an introduction to their growing catalog of guide RNA pools for
targeted sequencing applications. This new depletion system combines Arbor’s massively
parallel, high-fidelity oligo synthesis platform with best-in-class Cas enzymes for efficiently
targeting unwanted molecules from next-gen sequencing (NGS) libraries. In-stock MitoDeplete
catalog kits have been specifically designed and validated for Human and Mouse applications,
while kits for other Custom species can be designed and synthesized on demand.

MitoDeplete kits are designed for use on any NGS library containing a significant percentage of
mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) molecules, such as ATAC-Seq (Assay for Transposase-Accessible
Chromatin using Sequencing) libraries which typically contain an abundance of mtDNA-derived
molecules. While modified ATAC-Seq protocols exist to reduce mtDNA, the techniques are
more cost- and time-prohibitive, and can only be applied to newly-made libraries. CRISPRbased
depletion with MitoDeplete delivers up to a 95% reduction in mtDNA-derived molecules in
simple, single-step process, which translates into a savings of 30-70% in sequencing costs.

“The myNGS Guides MitoDeplete Kits improve efficiency in ATAC-Seq or any other library with
a high percentage of mtDNA, via a one-step incubation to remove unwanted molecules,” stated
Alison Devault, Director of Genomics at Arbor Biosciences. “We are excited to introduce this
new tool so researchers can sequence what matters most in their precious samples.”

The Human and Mouse kits are available for immediate shipment in a 8 reaction kit size,
wherein a single reaction is suitable for depleting an entire sequencing lane’s worth of libraries.
Kits for Custom species can be produced on request through collaboration with one of the
product scientists at Arbor Biosciences.