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Arbor Biosciences Partners with Curio Genomics for Analysis of IWGSC Wheat Exome

Arbor Biosciences Partners with Curio Genomics for Analysis of IWGSC Wheat Exome content piece image
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Arbor Biosciences, a division of Chiral Technologies,
Inc and worldwide leader in next generation sequencing (NGS) target enrichment,
announces a partnership with Curio Genomics for bioinformatics analysis of the wheat
genome. Arbor has an ongoing collaboration with the International Wheat Genome
Sequencing Consortium (IWGSC), an international organization dedicated to developing a
gold-standard reference genome for bread wheat cv. Chinese Spring, to provide IWGSC
members with a standardized exome panel for research and development. Adding the Curio
Genomics strategic partnership allows Arbor Biosciences to harness the power of the Curio
Genomics platform in an end-to-end solution, from DNA to variant analysis, for wheat exome
sequencing through their myReadsÒ NGS services division.

The Curio Genomics platform streamlines bioinformatics analysis by moving beyond the
typical pipeline approach of serial processes through parallel processing sequencing data.
Curio's ability to bring together both analytical processing and data visualization into a
common toolset allows researchers to experiment and ask questions of the data in a very
fluid fashion. Curio's unique incremental and parallel approach to processing wheat exome
samples allows users to compare, change analytical settings and, apply different filters all in
real time with the results immediately at their fingertips.

“We are excited to partner with Arbor Biosciences and expand our genomics portfolio to
include wheat and other agricultural crops.” stated David Brabec, Partner at Moxie
Genomics (the company behind the Curio Genomics platform). “Our on-premise system is
designed for large scale breeding organizations while our cloud-based solution delivers
immediate access to wheat researchers across the globe”

Sequencing and analysis of the entire bread wheat genome is incredibly difficult and costly
due to its enormous size, complex sub-genomes, and more than 85% of the genome being
composed of repetitive elements. Arbor Biosciences initially reduced sequencing costs of
each sample with the myBaitsÒ Expert Wheat Exome capture panel by focusing on only the
high-confidence exon-annotated genome in hexaploid wheat, and now speeds analysis of
the resulting data with Curio’s platform.

“The IWGSC is committed to ensuring that the wheat breeders have state-of-the-art genomic
resources. In this partnership, our members as well as the scientific community will benefit
from having access to a unified analysis platform which streamlines data sharing and can
facilitate comparative analyses across the consortium,” said Kellye Eversole, Executive
Director of the IWGSC.

Arbor Biosciences is launching the full-service offering this month which includes the
myBaitsÒ Expert Wheat Exome capture panel and Curio Genomics bioinformatics analysis
through the myReads NGS services or as stand-alone products. The bioinformatics service
provides whole genome alignment as well as variant calling from Chinese Spring or other
cultivars of hexaploid wheat. Arbor Biosciences’ partnership with the IWGSC and Curio
Genomics will continue as Arbor plans to develop new iterations of the exome panel and
data analysis pipeline as further understanding of the wheat genome grows. Additionally,
Arbor Biosciences is developing panels specific to disease and drought resistance for wheat

“The Curio platform delivers rapid processing of data in a user-friendly interface for our
clients.” explained Jacob Enk, PhD, Senior Scientist at Arbor Biosciences. “We are proud to
add this high-performance solution for IWGSC members and the wheat research