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Beckman Coulter Introduces New Monoclonal Antibody for Natural Killer Cell Research

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Beckman Coulter introduces the IOTest® Anti-IRp60-PE monoclonal antibody for the identification of an inhibitory protein present on NK and dendritic cells.

Because it is expressed on all NK cells as well as on a certain percentage of other cell types, IRp60 may play a general role in the regulation of the immune response.

This PE-conjugated antibody is the first Anti-IRp60 reagent on the market and is the newest addition to Beckman Coulter’s universal cytometry reagent line, which works on all instrument platforms, including the company's Cell Lab Quanta™ and FC 500 MPL flow cytometers.
The IRp60 receptor is expressed on all monocytes, granulocytes and the majority of T cells. It belongs to the immunoglobulin superfamily (Ig-SF). Its ligand is not an HLA class I molecule.

On NK cells, engagement of the IRp60 receptor prevents the killing of cells that express the appropriate ligand. Engagement on dendritic and immunocompetent T cells can control immune response.

The new IOTest Anti-IRp60-PE monoclonal antibody is useful in a wide range of research applications including basic research on NK cells and immune response, and clinical research in oncology, immunotherapy and tumour escape.

"Because the action of NK cells in killing abnormal or virus-infected cells is so important, research into how they function is very exciting," commented Michel Pagniez, Cellular Analysis Product Manager for Beckman Coulter.

"This new addition to our line of over 3,200 cellular research reagents will be valuable in many areas of research."
The preformulated, standardized IOTest® Anti-IRp60-PE monoclonal antibody is provided in 50-test vials. It is ready to use, adapted for lysing procedures with a wash and may be used in multi-colour applications.