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Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Revolutionizes High-Throughput Genomic Sample Preparation With the New Biomek Echo One System

the Biomek Echo One System.
Credit: Beckman Coulter Life Sciences.
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Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, accelerates high-throughput genomic sample preparation workflows to deliver results faster with the launch of its Biomek Echo One System. The new solution provides versatile integrated acoustic liquid handling options for applications in genomic workflows, including highthroughput isothermal DNA assemblies and NGS library sample preparations.

The Biomek Echo One System combines two Beckman Coulter Life Sciences core liquid handling instruments: the Echo 525 Acoustic Liquid Handler and the Biomek i7 Hybrid Workstation, which can be integrated with existing laboratory automation instrumentation. The new platform can seamlessly execute library preparation steps such as extraction, fragmentation, ligation, normalization and pooling along with requisite actions such as centrifugation, shaking and thermal incubation in one automated method.

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“The launch of the Biomek Echo One System represents a paradigm shift in high-throughput genomic sample preparation, enabling laboratories to get critical research results faster than before”, said Ewan Grant, Senior Director of the Biotech Workflow Solutions Business Unit. “Combining the power of the Echo 525 instrument for miniaturized dispensing with the modularity of the Biomek i7 liquid handler enables scientists to generate more data with unparalleled speed while ensuring easy adaptation to evolving workflows.”

Laboratories are now empowered to achieve ultimate workflow flexibility, from standalone PCR reaction setups to a fully executed NGS library preparation protocol using all of the integrated devices. The intuitive system requires minimal user training to ensure laboratory staff can unleash the benefits immediately. Users can easily scale up walk-away time and throughput to adapt to changes in workflow demands and needs, creating a future-proof solution that can grow with laboratory needs and complexities.

The Echo 525 Acoustic Liquid Handler uses sound energy to move precise, nanoliter-scale droplets in a combinatorial fashion that significantly exceeds traditional sample transfer speeds for workflows such as DNA assembly, including pooling and normalization steps. Using traditional liquid handlers, laboratories have reported eight-hour workflows slashed to just 30 minutes when performed on an Echo 525 liquid handler with seamless pass-offs to the Biomek Workstation for further downstream execution of the workflow