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Bio-Rad Joins EMBL’s Corporate Partnership Programme

Bio-Rad Joins EMBL’s Corporate Partnership Programme content piece image
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Bio-Rad, a company specializing in life science research and clinical diagnostic products, has announced that it has joined the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) Corporate Partnership Programme, to help expand EMBL’s portfolio of innovative scientific training courses designed for budding young scientists.

EMBL is an intergovernmental organization and one of the world’s leading research institutions for the life sciences, with sites across Europe. Its Corporate Partnership Programme is designed to create long-term relationships between EMBL scientists and its corporate partners, like Bio-Rad. Together, EMBL and its partners work to develop training courses and products and services and help to facilitate the transfer of technology from basic research to industry. The organization’s training courses are available for different levels including Ph.D. students and postdoctoral scientists.

“With Bio-Rad’s expertise, we look forward to expanding our training portfolio of innovative methodologies for young scientists,” said Elisabeth Zielonka, Manager of External Scientific Courses at EMBL. “Our practical course on liquid biopsy will be enhanced with Bio-Rad’s Droplet Digital PCR technology, which offers absolute quantification of target DNA or RNA molecules. The course is designed for research scientists who are interested in utilizing liquid biopsy testing for diseases such as cancer,” she added.

First introduced to the life science research industry, Bio-Rad’s Droplet Digital technology (ddPCR) has found medical utility in diagnostics, most notably in the area of oncology and liquid biopsy; the technology is used to diagnose early disease, for residual disease monitoring, and therapy guidance, reporting patient results in days, rather than weeks.