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Bio-Rad Launches ddSEQ™ Single-Cell 3' RNA-Seq Kit for Single-Cell Gene Expression

A strand of RNA.
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Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: BIO and BIO.B), announced the launch of the ddSEQ™ Single-Cell 3' RNA-Seq Kit and complementary Omnition v1.1 analysis software for single-cell transcriptome and gene expression research. 


Designed to be run on Bio-Rad’s droplet-based single-cell isolation system, the ddSEQ Cell Isolator, the ddSEQ Single-Cell 3' RNA-Seq Kit delivers high-quality single-cell 3' RNA-Seq libraries in a fast, efficient, and affordable workflow, allowing researchers to easily conduct single-cell gene expression and regulation analyses. The subsequent QC, analysis, and reporting of data generated from the ddSEQ Single-Cell 3' RNA-Seq Kit is enabled by the accompanying Omnition v1.1 Analysis Software, a robust pipeline analysis tool. These valuable insights into single-cell transcription and gene expression support a broad range of research fields such as oncology, immunology, neurology, and stem cell biology. 

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“The new ddSEQ™ Single-Cell 3' RNA-Seq Kit expands our NGS library preparation portfolio and is a further reflection of our commitment to provide researchers with innovative technologies to support molecular biology, oncology, and drug discovery research,” said Stephen Kulisch, Vice President of Marketing for Bio-Rad's Digital Biology Group. “Used with our ddSEQ Cell Isolator, the new kit and Omnition v1.1 Analysis Software presents a more cost-effective solution for single-cell transcription and gene expression studies, facilitating seamless integration into a broad spectrum of research applications and empowering research teams to undertake more experiments within the same budget.”