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BioDiscovery Releases GeneDirector® Version 3

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BioDiscovery Inc. has announced at the Chips to Hits® conference that it has released GeneDirector® 3.0 software for comprehensive enterprise microarray data management supporting all common array platforms including Agilent, Affymetrix, Codelink, and “home-spotted” arrays. 

BioDiscovery claims that, GeneDirector incorporates a flexible design facilitating on-site customization for any laboratory workflow.

Key Features of GeneDirector® 3.0 are – In seamless Integration with Affymetrix GCOS server - Enhanced project management features, HTML-base project summaries, and Text-based search queries across projects.

In Integration with the Tecan Hybridization Stations - Users can integrate hybridization information from Tecan Hyb Stations, Additional toolsets for ease-of-use access, Graphic Array Design Creator, and Users can now view previous work within ImaGene.

In Simplified automation processes - Additional capability to handle multiple file format imports, Import Agilent Feature Extraction data, Improved image processing for high-density staggered arrays, and Superior Sample Tracking functionality.