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BioFocus DPI Launches Six new SoftFocus Libraries

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BioFocus DPI has announced the launch of six new biologically targeted libraries. These new libraries contain novel, drug-like compounds that specifically target ion channels, kinases and proteases.

The new SoftFocus ion channel library (SFI13) has been designed using BioFocus DPI’s Helical Domain Recognition Analysis (HDRA) approach, which links X-ray, sequence alignment and SAR data. HDRA is used to rationalize scaffold binding in the pore regions of ion channels and to guide monomer selection. SoftFocus ion channel libraries have a track record of delivering potent and selective compound series against a variety of ion channel drug targets.

BioFocus DPI’s four new SoftFocus kinase libraries (SFK54, SFK55, SFK56 and SFK57) have been developed to target hinge, DFG-out and novel binding modes. The SFK collection has been independently determined to have the greatest population of kinase-like molecules available for screening.

BioFocus DPI’s new SoftFocus® protease library (SFP03) targets cysteine and serine proteases and is designed using a new technique which is based upon structures of more than 50 protease-ligand complexes available from the Protein Data Bank, providing a potentially widely applicable protease scaffold template.

“Created through pioneering library design technologies, BioFocus DPI’s focused libraries continue to provide research organizations with innovative compounds for rapid drug discovery,” said Chris Newton, SVP BioFocus DPI.