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Biomatters Launches Geneious Pro

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Biomatters has announced the launch of Geneious Pro in the third quarter of 2006. Geneious Pro is designed to make bioinformatics data sharing possible.

Announcing the release of Geneious Pro, Daniel Batten, CEO of Biomatters, said, "The launch of Geneious Pro is a real answer to the needs of bioinformaticians and scientists when it comes to a bioinformatics application."

"Geneious Pro delivers on many researchers’ dream, providing a complete set of tools to process data from sequence chromatograms through to sequence alignment and sequence analysis in a way any molecular biologist will find logical and intuitive, not to mention fast."

"We have also moved to the next key step in the evolution of Geneious with our team providing users with the ability to share information through P2P (peer-to-peer) collaboration."

The P2P function is designed to access information across a large number of data sources.

Geneious P2P removes the need for central servers or configuration setup, which means installation is automatic, collaboration is flexible and users are mobile.

Mr Aki von Roy director of Biomatters acknowledged the achievement of Geneious Pro, said, "To achieve the greater dream of saving enough time to cut two years off the drug development process, will take the widespread adoption of exactly the kind of framework that Geneious Pro offers - a framework that creates the opportunity of making intelligent choices early on."

"Without Geneious," said Mr Batten, "scientists sometimes use as many as four different applications to do sequence alignment and tree-building."

"Because of the constant file imports and cut and paste from these multiple applications, the opportunity for human error is huge."

Geneious 1.0 solved this initial usability problem, with the ability to collect, organize and analyze data from online databases and then perform a range of sequence analyses in one application.