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Bioo Scientific Releases Automated NEXTflex Protocols

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Bioo Scientific has announced that it has developed and optimized automation protocols on the Sciclone® NGS and NGSx Workstations for the NEXTflex™ library preparation kits, including the NEXTflex™ Rapid Directional qRNA-Seq Kit, the NEXTflex™ Rapid Directional RNA-Seq Kit, the NEXTflex™ Rapid RNA-Seq Kit and the NEXTflex™ Rapid DNA-Seq Kit.

These fully automated protocols were developed to offer researchers a substantial increase in productivity with consistent quality.

The availability of these automated protocols underscores Bioo Scientific's commitment to helping our customers overcome library preparation bottlenecks while incorporating the innovative bias-reducing technologies, extensive multiplexing capabilities, speed and flexibility that Bioo Scientific has incorporated into the NEXTflex library preparation kits.