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Bioo Scientific Unveils Bias Reducing Technology at AGBT

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Bioo Scientific has announced that they will be presenting data illustrating their patent-pending randomized adapter technology, which reduces ligation bias in small RNA-Seq libraries, at the 16th Annual Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) Meeting poster session taking place February 25-28, 2015, in Marco Island, Florida.

Dr. Masoud Toloue, VP of Genomic Research, will present “Reducing Biases Associated with Small RNA-Sequencing”, illustrating how this technology improves the quality of small RNA-Seq data. Researchers have identified ligation bias, which is seen in traditional small RNA-Seq library prep protocols, as the biggest problem associated with next generation sequencing of small RNAs.

Bioo Scientific has incorporated patent pending randomized adapter technology into its NEXTflex™ Small RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit v2 to overcome this problem.

The approach uses a pool of adapters containing randomized sequences at the ligation site, resulting in small RNA libraries with more accurate sequencing data and a dramatic reduction in bias.

The NEXTflex™ Small RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit v2 is the latest addition to Bioo Scientific’s line of products designed to reduce bias in NGS library prep while simplifying the workflow.