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Bio-Rad Announces Real-time PCR Detection System

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Bio-Rad Laboratories has announced the new Bio-Rad CFX96™ real-time PCR detection system.

The CFX96 optical reaction module builds on the flexibility of the C1000 thermal cycler, creating a real-time PCR system that can deliver sensitive detection for real-time PCR applications, including absolute quantification, genetic variation analysis, and gene expression, Bio-Rad explains.

The CFX Manager™ software accommodates the needs of all users, whether performing a real-time PCR experiment or analyzing gene expression study.

Key benefits of the CFX96 system include:

• Long lasting solid-state components with LEDs and photodiodes for reliable results

• Quick installation and factory-calibrated optics, which can enable system set-up in a matter of seconds

• Fast thermal cycling, which produces results in less than 30 minutes

• A thermal cycler gradient feature, which optimizes reactions in a single experiment

• Minimal sample and reagent usage that offer reliable results obtained with low reaction volumes

• Experiments that can be tailored to need by use one of several data acquisition modes, including a single channel fast scan option for SYBR Green

• Software that can send email notification with an attached data file upon run completion and up to four instruments that may be controlled by a single computer.

The CFX96 system offers users a way to achieve sensitive target detection in single (or multiplex assays) for a variety of real-time PCR applications in addition to reliable performance and higher throughput options. The CFX Manager software enables rapid quantitative and built-in gene expression analysis and also has powerful data analysis tools.