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Biosearch Launches Improved RNA FISH Design Software

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Biosearch Technologies, Inc. (Biosearch) has announced that the company has launched an improved Stellaris™ Probe Designer. The online, RNA FISH design software provides scientists with a means to design Stellaris RNA FISH probe sets against any mRNA or long noncoding RNA.

Biosearch previously announced on August 5th 2010 that the company had licensed exclusive rights to a Single Molecule Fluorescent in situ hybridization technology based on detection of RNA.

Biosearch owns the exclusive rights to manufacture, catalogue and sell validated RNA FISH probes, assays and kits into the Research, Applied Markets and IVD fields under the UMDNJ technologies and patent applications, and currently makes these products available as Stellaris RNA FISH probes.

Arjun Raj, co-inventor of Stellaris RNA~FISH probe technology expressed his satisfaction with the new development:

We're very excited to work with Biosearch to bring this major update to our Stellaris RNA FISH probe design software. Our new software performs a battery of bioinformatic tests to provide a set of probes that we have shown to reduce background, often dramatically, especially in higher eukaryotic organisms such as mouse and human. We have been having great success using this software to design probes against a variety of targets in our lab, including long non-coding RNA and other often difficult targets, and are excited about Biosearch bringing our tools to the broader scientific community. (Arjun Raj, University of Pennsylvania)

Sanjay Tyagi, also a co-inventor of the Stellaris RNA FISH technology, stated:

The availability of labeled sets of oligonucleotides as Stellaris probes for single molecule FISH from Biosearch has been immensely helpful for cell biologists. The single-molecule sensitivity in mRNA imaging has become accessible to all cell biologists who do not have to label and purify the probe sets themselves anymore. As evident from the flurry of recent of publications, this technology holds great promise in diverse fields ranging from developmental biology, neurobiology, RNA processing, to cancer biology. A second generation of the Stellaris probe designer software that exploits the knowledge of the genome sequences to substantially improve the specificity of the designed probes is an exciting new development. (Sanjay Tyagi, Public Health Research Institute Center, UMDNJ)