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BioWisdom Releases Version 5 of its OmniViz Software

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BioWisdom, Inc., has announced the release of Version 5 of the OmniViz data visualization and mining software at the 233rd National Meeting of the American Chemical Society. This follows the merger of BioWisdom Ltd. and OmniViz, Inc. in January 2007, creating a global force in Healthcare Intelligence.

According to BioWisdom, OmniViz Version 5 can visualize and analyze millions of documents or billions of data points, as well as chemical structures and genome sequences – all in the same visual framework – to move users quickly from data to knowledge and uncover new discoveries. Version 5 contains enhancements to the award-winning OmniViz software, most notably to the underlying text analysis algorithms.

The natural language processing rules have been combined with the patented statistical methods to provide additional power in analysis of text content. Key capabilities include automatically recognizing multi-word phrases, and performing case-sensitive analyses.

“We are delighted to launch this new enhanced version of our powerful visualization tool for the chemical and life sciences industries,” said Dr. Jeffrey Saffer, President of BioWisdom, Inc.

“The augmented software enables more powerful and meaningful analysis of scientific literature, regulatory and patent documents with greater productivity and effectiveness. This new release continues to advance our market leading capabilities in life science data analysis,” Saffer continued.