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CLC bio Helps Increase Productivity with new Integrable Database Solution

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CLC bio has announced the release of CLC Bioinformatics Database. This database solution enables research organizations, from small university departments and clinical labs to large biotech and pharmaceutical companies, to maximize their potential, through increased productivity.

An increase in productivity will help increase the number of drug candidates, by empowering scientists to do more with their research. In turn this gives companies a more efficient use of R&D budgets, according to CLC bio.

Dr. Darrol Baker, Sales Manager at CLC bio states, CLC Bioinformatics Database raises the bar for what can be expected from a database solution! Our development team has focused on eliminating classic obstacles such as different operating systems, limited support for database formats, or limited access to a central storage facility. The security and management facilities in CLC bio's Bioinformatics Database can potentially help organizations stop misuse or loss of data, as well as help protect their intellectual property rights.

For organizations already having an existing relational database in use for sharing DNA, RNA, and protein sequence data, the CLC Bioinformatics Database interface can be customized to store and retrieve data directly from that database.

The result is a solution that enables all users of CLC bio's software to work directly on - and fully integrated with - the organization's existing database. This ensures the same data sharing, data searching and data security characteristics as if the database had been a stand alone database - except for the fact that the CLC bio data is now fully integrated with all other sequence data in the organization. The design, API-customization, implementation, and data migration can be carried out by the customer or by CLC bio's consultants.

As with all other of CLC bio's solutions, CLC Bioinformatics Database is cross-platform, running on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Additionally, this solution will enable users across various workgroups to work on data in a central, shared, and secure relational database. CLC Bioinformatics Database integrates and runs smoothly with several types of databases, including Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.