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Custom Enrichment Panels For Next-generation Sequencing

Custom Enrichment Panels For Next-generation Sequencing content piece image
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Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) has launched a new solution for targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) at the ASHG 2019 Annual Meeting. NGS Discovery Pools are individually synthesized, 5’-biotinylated oligo pools designed to enable researchers to rapidly build custom panels at a fraction of the cost compared to conventional panels – making NGS accessible to more stages of research and speeding up projects.

The aim of the new NGS Discovery Pools is to offer the quality of individual synthesis at the speed and scale needed for discovery in precision medicine, enabling rapid prototyping which can then be built out into high volume projects.

Dr. Mirna Jarosz, Director of NGS Business Development at IDT added, “They are an ideal tool for minimal residual disease testing in solid tumors, where small patient-specific panels delivered within days will enable the highest levels of sensitivity required for monitoring therapeutic response.”