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Delivering Marker Discovery and Genotyping Technologies to Agrigenomics

Delivering Marker Discovery and Genotyping Technologies to Agrigenomics content piece image
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Arbor Biosciences has announced a partnership with Biosearch Technologies, the complete genomics portfolio of LGC Group. LGC Group supplies products and services in the life sciences sector for human healthcare, agrifood technology, and the environment across the world. Together, the organizations aim to use their resources for genetic testing and marker discovery to deliver custom sequencing solutions to the agrigenomics market.

Through the partnership, Biosearch Technologies will become the exclusive global provider of custom hybridization-based targeted sequencing oligonucleotide panels powered by myBaits technology to commercial agricultural organizations and seed breeding companies. Arbor Biosciences will maintain their presence in academic and government research laboratories by continuing to serve these researchers with catalog and custom panels.

Overall, the partnership will allow Biosearch Technologies to leverage their established relationships with commercial organizations by delivering a complimentary technology necessary for marker discovery in crop sciences.