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Domainex Launches New BioassayBuilder Service to Strengthen its Drug Discovery Platform

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BioassayBuilder draws on the extensive expertise of bioscientists at Domainex over a wide range of druggable gene families that include protein-protein, enzyme, epigenetic and GPCR targets. Coupled to the proprietary Combinatorial Domain Hunting technology for unlocking difficult to express protein targets, and LeadBuilder for hit identification, BioassayBuilder is a unique approach to pursuing targets implicated in a range of human diseases including cancer, respiratory, cardiovascular, and immune-inflammatory conditions. It encompasses reagent generation and miniaturized assay development through to potency, selectivity and phenotypic profiling of compounds.

Dr. Thomas Mander, Chief Operating Officer of Domainex, stated: “BioassayBuilder allows us to operate a full range of integrated services for our clients, from protein expression to pre-clinical drug candidate characterisation. By co-locating BioassayBuilder alongside our existing high-quality medicinal chemistry services, we are able to simplify and accelerate the progression of our client’s drug discovery projects."

"In addition, BioassayBuilder can be integrated with the biophysical assays offered by our strategic partner ZoBio, including their proprietary Target Immobilized NMR Screening platform and NMR-based structural biology, together with the renowned protein crystallography expertise of our CSO Professor Laurence Pearl” Dr. Mander added.