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Efficient, Sensitive and Robust Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Methods

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Chromatrap® has produced a new 10-page brochure that provides an informative introduction to chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) technology and a detailed comparison of traditional bead based and Chromatrap® solid state ChIP technologies.

Chromatrap® ChIP kits use revolutionary spin columns or microplates which contain discs of an inert, porous polymer to which protein A or G has been covalently attached. This patented format is unique.

During an assay, the chromatin/antibody complex is selectively retained by the disc. Flushing with three buffers and an elution step are all that is required to obtain the selectively enriched DNA, making Chromatrap® more efficient in the laboratory.

With a fast processing time of under five hours from chromatin loading to qPCR-ready DNA, Chromatrap® significantly reduces the assay time for ChIP, enabling more samples to be analyzed during the working day and thereby increasing laboratory throughput and efficiency.

The brochure additionally provides a full description of the features and benefits of the rapidly expanding product range that now includes Chromatrap® qPCR, Chromatrap® 96 HT, Chromatrap® ChIP-seq, Chromatrap® FFPE and Chromatrap® enzymatic shearing kits.