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Exiqon Introduces Serum/Plasma and Cancer microRNA qPCR Arrays

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Exiqon A/S, has launched two Focus microRNA PCR Panels for sensitive and specific quantification of microRNAs in serum/plasma and in cancer samples.

The new Focus qPCR Panels offer researchers a head start along with a potential for cost and time reduction in their studies. This is made possible because Exiqon has conducted extensive screenings to identify the most important microRNAs for profiling of serum/plasma and cancer samples.

The new Focus Panels therefore include only the relevant microRNAs for the specific field of study.

Focus PCR Panels are available in both 96 and 384 well array formats based on Exiqon’s proprietary miRCURY LNA™ Universal RT microRNA PCR system that allows for reliable microRNA profiling with only 1 pg of total RNA without any need for pre-amplification and secures a minimum of bias in the generation of cDNA because of the universal RT step.

The Focus Panels for serum/plasmais the result of a genome wide qPCR analysis of more than 2,000 healthy individuals and patients with numerous different diseases.

A total of 175 microRNAs with particular relevance for serum/plasma analysis has been identified by Exiqon for the Focus Panels for serum/plasma.

The Focus Panels for cancer is based on a genome wide qPCR analysis of more than 5.000 cancer biopsies from more than 27 different types of cancers. This has resulted in the identification of 88 microRNAs relevant for any cancer research program.

More Focus Panels are planned by Exiqon.

In a comment, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, Dr. Henrik M. Pfundheller said: “We are excited about the launch of these first two Focus Panels in a series to come. The launch comes just weeks after a recent publication by an independent research group has documented the benefits of Exiqon’s qPCR system compared to competing products”, and he added: “Exiqon’s Focus Panels contain the most validated content available on the market today and allows researchers to take advantage of Exiqon’s pioneer work, knowledge and expertise in the field of microRNA expression profiling”. Our Focus Panels provide researchers with a head start and the ability to focus their research on that which is relevant to them”.

Customers interested in microRNA profiling of cancer samples will benefit from the new Focus Panel for cancer.

The Focus Panels for cancer contain qPCR assays for 88 microRNAs. Thousands of samples covering over 27 different types of cancers have been studied by genome-wide screening. Based on these results Exiqon has identified a set of cancer relevant microRNAs in terms of microRNAs acting as important oncomiR/tumor suppressor as well as microRNAs general to many types of cancers.

Also microRNAs identified as specific for particular types of cancer (cancer classifiers) are included. The panel will help researchers to quickly and accurately analyze cancer samples and help identify microRNA signatures and/or significant microRNAs which may be possible disease biomarkers, which can be used for diagnosis as well as to monitor the effect of therapy on cancer prognosis and progression.

Customers interested in microRNA profiling of serum/plasma samples will benefit from the new Focus Panel for serum/plasma.

The Focus Panels for serum/plasma contains qPCR assays for 175 microRNAs. All 175 microRNAs have been selected specifically for serum and plasma samples based on our vast number of in-house analyses of microRNA expression in serum/plasma samples.

More than one (1) million data points from serum/plasma samples that have been collected from normal as well as diseased individuals have been used in the selection of relevant serum/plasma microRNAs for this Focus Panel. This means microRNA expression data from different diseases stages from various types of cancer, neurological disorders, inflammation etc.

Benefits of the miRCURY LNA™ Universal RT microRNA PCR system

An independent scientific benchmark study has recently demonstrated the superior sensitivity and linearity of the miRCURY LNA™ Universal RT microRNA PCR system. The benchmark study was performed by a research group at Aarhus University Hospital, Skejby, Denmark, and was published on 26 August 2011in the leading peer-reviewed scientific journal BMC Genomics.

The study highlighted in particular the superior linearity and sensitivity of the miRCURY LNA™ Universal RT microRNA PCR platform within clinically important plasma and serum samples which contain low amounts of microRNA.

The study can be accessed at the BMC Genomics website: http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2164/12.

Exiqon’s product line for microRNA qPCR also includes ready-to-use panels for genome-wide screening of human, mouse and rat microRNAs, custom Pick&Mix panels as well as RT and Master Mix kits and unique qPCR data analysis software.