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Exiqon Launches Labeling Kit for miRNA Microarrays

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Exiqon A/S has announced the launch of their miRCURY™ Array Labeling kit for uniform labeling of miRNAs from total RNA samples.

The product series also covers the miRCURY™ Array for detection of human, mouse and rat miRNAs. Products are available worldwide directly from Exiqon.

"Uniform and efficient labeling of miRNAs using a minimal amount of target sample are key parameters to successful microarray results," says Henrik M. Pfundheller, Director of Sales and Marketing at Exiqon.

"With our miRCURY™ Array Labeling kit we provide miRNA labeling on as little as 1 µg of total RNA in 1½ hour – really a straight-forward procedure."

The miRCURY™ Array labeling kit includes 1 or 2 colors for comparative experiments and provides uniform, sequence-independent labeling of miRNAs from total RNA in 1½ hour.

The miRCURY™ Array labeling product line is compatible with all major brands of array scanners on the market as the dual labeling dyes are spectrally equivalent to the well-known Cy3™and Cy5™ fluorophores.