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Exiqon Launches Microarrays for miRNA Profiling

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Exiqon A/S has announced the launch of their miRCURY™ Arrays for sensitive profiling of miRNAs in human, mouse and rat.

The miRCURY™ product series also includes the miRCURY™ Array Labeling kit for direct labeling of miRNAs from total RNA. Products are available worldwide directly from Exiqon.

"At Exiqon we are committed to providing researchers with state-of-the-art miRNA detection tools," says Henrik M. Pfundheller, Director of Sales and Marketing at Exiqon.

"Tests by researchers in the miRNA field tell us that our miRCURY™ Array products outperform competing products and we are really enthusiastic about getting these arrays on the market."

The miRCURY™ Array product allows for miRNA expression profiling in samples of down to 1µg of labeled total RNA.

Due to their short length, miRNAs have been notoriously difficult to detect since the use of long probes has been precluded.

Using the high-affinity nucleotide analogue Locked Nucleic Acid, Exiqon’s miRCURY™ Array probes have been designed to have high affinity and specificity towards miRNA targets.

"Exiqon's miRCURY™ Array product provides significantly higher affinity and sensitivity in miRNA detection compared to DNA probes by other providers," says Dr. Hans-Joachim Mollenkopf of the Microarray Core Facility, Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology, Berlin, Germany.

The miRCURY™ arrays cover all published human, mouse and rat miRNAs as well as a subset of other vertebrate and invertebrate miRNAs.

Future miRCURY™ Array launches will allow expression profiling of all miRNAs in vertebrates, invertebrates and plants.

To support the miRCURY™ Array customers a miRNA bioinformatics platform has been launched at Exiqons homepage.

The microarrays come with an implied license from Oxford GeneTechnology Ltd for research use.

The miRCURY™ Array labeling kit comes in 2 colors for comparative experiments, provides uniform, sequence-independent labeling of miRNAs from total RNA in 1½ hours and is compatible with all major brands of array scanners on the market.