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Exiqon Offers Unique Bioinformatics Tool

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Exiqon A/S has announced the launch of a new unique online tool for design of LNA™ enhanced qPCR assays for quantitation of messenger RNA and ncRNA in combination with associated microRNAs.

The new design tool enables customers to readily access multiple databases and design software in order to design and select LNA™ enhanced qPCR assays without prior knowledge about the annotation applied in the various databases.

The software seamlessly applies meta-information from EMBL, Refseq, Ensembl, Genbank and Targetscan. Uniquely, the new design tool incorporates comprehensive information regarding links between messenger RNA and microRNA.

In a comment, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing Henrik M. Pfundheller said: “The integration of messenger RNA and microRNA links requires complex cross-referencing of multiple databases. We now offer our customers access to a fully referenced list of validated and predicted microRNAs with a single click” adding “this new design tool allows our customers a novel and readily available way to advance their gene expression studies setting a new bar for state of the art expression analysis”.

In a comment, President & CEO Lars Kongsbak said “The launch of this unique new design tool and associated qPCR assays for combined analysis of messenger RNA, microRNA and other ncRNA marks an important strategic milestone for Exiqon and our first step towards expanding our current product offering to include products for simultaneous analysis of messenger RNA, microRNA and other ncRNAs. We strongly believe in serving customer demand for analysis of system biology and we can now offer customers to bridge the complexity of various databases and readily compensate for the lack of integration of assay systems when using Exiqon’s LNA™ enhanced qPCR assays”.

Exiqon’s novel design tool presents a user friendly interface including a graphical display of the target sequence and associated features as well as the resulting assays.

Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing Henrik M. Pfundheller notes: “An important benefit of our novel design tool is the focus both on ease-of-use and flexibility. Both researchers looking to order high performance qPCR primers with a few clicks and those with complex requirements and needs for advanced options may be adequately served.”

The custom LNA™-enhanced qPCR assays designed by the tool are optimized for use with Exiqon’s Universal cDNA Synthesis kit (with the associate random primer) and Exiqon’s SYBR® Green Master Mix kit.

Information about the new LNA™ qPCR design tool is available here: http://www.exiqon.com/LNA-qPCR.