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Fast and Easy Secure Sealing of Tube Racks

Someone placing a rack into a reader.
Credit: Azenta.
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The Semi-Automated Septum Cap Capper from Azenta Life Sciences is an affordable storage tube sealing device to preserve sample integrity and audit trails in biobanks, compound libraries and other high-throughput storage applications.


Providing an optimized solution for TPE septum cap sealing of SBS format 96 sample tube racks – the Semi-Automated Septum Cap Capper is fast and easy to use.


Simply place a rack in the Septum Cap Capper drawer, place a TPE septum cap mat on top, push the drawer shut, and the capping action will start automatically. After all caps are inserted, the drawer will open automatically, and the sealed rack of tubes can be removed. The whole procedure takes only 20-30 seconds for a complete rack of tubes.

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The Septum Cap Capper is perfect for use with all 96-format Azenta sample storage tubes with TPE Septum Caps. Simple use of spacers enables the depth of capping action to be adjusted allowing the device to also seal most other leading brands of SBS-compliant tube racks with their corresponding TPE cap mats. A Septum Cap Capper can seal both full, and partially full, racks.

Using the Semi-Automated Septum Cap Capper in conjunction with Azenta racks featuring proprietary TubeLock functionality enables automatic locking and unlocking of tubes within the rack.