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First MIQE qPCR App Now Available at the Apple App Store

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“qPCR is a common lab technique used by most life science researchers today, but not everyone conducting PCR is using the technique in a way that ensures its correct interpretation,” said Rachel Scott, PhD, Bio-Rad Senior Product Manager of the Gene Expression Division. “As a result of misinterpretation of qPCR data, significant scientific conclusions have been retracted for inaccuracies. The MIQE qPCR app gives users the ability to check off applicable MIQE attributes, which in turn increases the users’ and the scientific community’s confidence in the project’s validity.”

Developed by real-time PCR (qPCR) experts Michael W. Pfaffl, a professor at Technische Universität München, and Afif Abdel Nour, an associate professor at the Institut Polytechnique LaSalle Beauvais, the MIQE qPCR app helps researchers achieve accuracy, transparency, and reproducibility in their qPCR experiments by allowing them to:

• Monitor MIQE compliance – Color-coded checklists distinguish between essential and desirable MIQE requirements; a visual indication of progress is provided

• Get expert advice – Users can link directly to MIQE-related publications or direct their qPCR or MIQE-related questions to the experts listed via email

• Stay up to date – The most current qPCR resources, references, and news are readily available

• Impact the future of MIQE guidelines – Users can send their completed project checklists to the worldwide MIQE guideline database where the information will be used to further refine the MIQE guidelines
Bio-Rad sponsored the MIQE qPCR app as part of its commitment of giving scientists tools to optimize and validate their qPCR experiments according to MIQE guidelines.

The MIQE qPCR App runs on Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and can be downloaded here